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8 Association Standard Outlines of Survey Specialty Passed the Review 发布时间:2021-02-01 浏览次数:672

    From December 8to16, 2020, the Association Standard Compilation Outline Review Meetings sponsored by China Electric Power Planning and Engineering Association (CEPPEA) were held in Jinan, Hangzhou, and Wuhan respectively, and eight association standard outlines of survey specialty were reviewed. So far, in 2020, all the association standards that CEPPEA Electric Engineering Survey Standardization Specialized Committee recommended and assisted in management, have achieved the goal of completing the outline review in half a year from thestandards proposal approval.

    During the review meeting, the Survey Standardization Specialized Committee held annual work meetings separately in the special fields of Surveying, Geotechnical engineering and Hydro meteorology. Hao Shijie, the Deputy Secretary-General of CEPPEA, and Su Honghong, the Director of Standards Management Department, attended the meeting.

    The meeting summarized the key tasks completed by the Survey Standardization Specialized Committee in the early stage, including sorting out the existing related standards; establishing a standard system for the three survey specialties under the overall framework of the CEPPEA standard, which had played an important role in guiding various units in standard proposal approval and review; carrying out the compilation of the general principles of survey technology in Hydro meteorology specialty, which would play a top-level requirement and leadership role in the follow-up association standard compilation of the specialty, then the other specialties would follow up.

    Hao Shijie fully affirmed the achievements of the Survey Standardization Specialized Committee, thanked the Director and Deputy Directors for their important role, and hoped that the Survey Standardization Specialized Committee would further study and improve the system, continue to conduct standard proposal approval and review, and insist on establishing practical association standards; control the quality and progress well at each stage of the standard compilation, so that the innovative and efficient characteristics of association standard can be fully reflected.

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