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2020 CEPPEA Annual Meeting Held in Beijing 发布时间:2021-02-27 浏览次数:604


    China Electric Power Planning and Engineering Association(CEPPEA) annual meeting of year 2020 was held in Beijing on January 12, 2021. During the meeting,the completion of the work in 2020 and the main work plan in 2021 of 7 departments were respectively reported. The meeting was hosted by the vice Chairman Li Aimin. The vice Secretary-general Gao Hong, Hao Shijie and all staff of CEPPEA participated the meeting.

    Administration Office successfully organized and coordinated the ninth general meeting and other major meetings, revised the address lists of member enterprises aiming at better communication work.

   Technical and quality Department successfully completed the work that member enterprises mostly concerned, including Excellent Quality Control Group Activity evaluation &Selection,Excellent Survey, Design, Software and Standardized Design Selection, and Electric Power Engineering Science and Technology Progress Award.

    Business Coordination Department successfully organized four traditional business communication meetings on power grid, power generation, new energy and international business, and also organized the non-traditional business transformation and development seminar according to the needs of member enterprises.

    Standardization Management Department completed all the tasks on time including assisted POWERCHINA to apply for National Science and Technology Progress Award.

    Registration and Training Department organized 7 training courses about design manager of power transmission and distribution, management of power projects engineering procurement construction and so on.

    Periodical Edition Departmentovercome the influence of the epidemic, regular publishments of Electric Power Survey & Design and Electric Power Design Information faced the readers on time throughout the year.

   Financial Management Department successfully completed annual financial final statements, auditing and other matters. The financial management level have been further improved, providing supports for various work of CEPPEA.

    The leaders of CEPPEA commented on the work of each  departmentwhich they were in charge of,and put forward requirements and suggestions. Li Aimin summarized the meeting, spoke highly of the achievements of each departmentand thanked all the staff for their conscientious work which was finished on time in 2020 despite the influence of epidemic. He proposed that all departments should not only review the work in the past year, but also summarize the experience and lessons from past work to develop work efficiency in the future. In the next year, all departments should focus on the key task, meanwhile ensure that all arrangements are implemented effectively with initiative and innovation, so that general member enterprises can truly benefit from various services provided by CEPPEA.