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The Second Session of the Ninth China Electric Power Planning & Engineering Association Council Held in Changsha 发布时间:2021-05-26 浏览次数:255

    On April 28th, 2021, the second session of the ninth China Electric Power Planning & Engineering Association (CEPPEA) Council was held in Changsha. The Rotating Chairman of CEPPEA and vice-general manager ofPower Construction Corporation of China, Ltd., Yao Qiang, vice-Chairman Wang Fengxue, Li Aimin, Zhou Jianping, Pan Ersheng, Chen Jing, Zhang Tianguang, representatives from 121 director companies and department principals from CEPPEA Secretary, attended the meeting. ZhongNan Engineering Corporation Limited and Hunan Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd., Co-organized the meeting.


    The 2020 Annual Council work report given by Li Aimin and 2020 Annual Board of Supervisors work report were reviewed and passed on the meeting. During the group discussion, representatives made some recommendations to CEPPEA on accelerating digital transformation, overcoming the influence of COVID to develop international market, doing EPC project management, industry training work, etc.

    Chairman Yao Qiang confirmed the 2020 Annual Council work report and proposed goals and directions for the development of electric power engineering industry. Under the background of “Peaking carbon dioxide Emissions and Corban Neutrality”, the industry needed to promote the development of Green Hydrogen Industry, accelerate the construction of nuclear power and pumped storage, coordinate the development of energy storage, optimize the main grid structure to accept tens of billions of kilowatts renewable energy power in the future and utilize digital technology to achieve digital transformation in Power facility.

    The situation of mixed reforms completed in advance of power engineering Industry was introduced in the meeting. Lei Yuanhua, the vice-general manager of Hunan Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd., gave a speech on attracting high quality investors and promoting employee stock ownership. Yan Xiaofen, the general manager assistant of Jiangxi Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd., made a deep introduction on the reform of technology enterprises employee stock ownership, the rights and obligations of enterprises and employee, subscription conditions and enterprise structure after reform.

    In addition, the first prize of Sixth Power Engineering Science and Technology Progress Award was issued on the meeting.

    The second session of the ninth China Electric Power Planning and Engineering Association (CEPPEA) Standing Council was held during the meeting which reviewed and passed the proposal on renaming the branches and committees and the report on the qualification review of the units applying for membership and the proposed cancellation of membership.